AAUW Local & National FAQ

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What do the initials AAUW mean?

AAUW was originally the American Association of University Women, an organization for women graduates of four-year colleges and universities. Today our membership is open to anyone with an associate degree or higher, or equivalent. What unites our members is a commitment to empowering women and girls by eliminating inequities in our society.

How many members and branches are there in the national AAUW?

Visit the national AAUW Membership page for more information.


Can men join AAUW?

Yes! Our membership is open to men and women who meet our educational requirements. Our members all share a commitment to fighting the inequities in society that limit the potential of women and girls. Sign up today!

Is AAUW nonpartisan?

AAUW does not endorse any political candidates or parties. It fosters engagement in the political process, believing that democracy works best when everyone can fully participate. To this end, AAUW supports fair and open elections, voter education, and encourages its members to inform themselves about how candidates stand on AAUW issues.

What prominent women have been affiliated with AAUW?

Many American and international women who have become leaders have benefited from AAUW. 

Faces of AAUW

I am moving. How can I find out if there is an AAUW branch near my new home?

Find locations on the National Branch Locator page.

Leadership Development

I am a college student. Does AAUW offer leadership development opportunities for college and university women?

AAUW Sponsors the annual National Conference for Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL), the premier national conference for collegiate women.

Are there any local leadership development programs for women?

LEADERSHIP is a Centre County program designed to “transform ordinary citizens into extraordinary civic leaders through routine, strategic, and systematic programs and workshops.”  It involves both men and women.

Why are women not better represented in government, academic, and corporate leadership positions?

Education opportunities

Does AAUW provide any scholarships or fellowships?

AAUW offers fellowships and grants for graduate women.

I need help paying for college. Does AAUW State College provide scholarships?

Our scholarships are for women residing in Centre County who had to interrupt their undergraduate education but wish to complete it. Information about qualifications and deadlines is available on our Scholarship page.

I believe that discrimination is keeping me from advancing in my career. Can AAUW help?

Advancing women in STEM

What does AAUW State College do to encourage girls to explore science and mathematics?
I’d like to volunteer for AAUW State College’s STEM programs. How do I do this?

Let us know of your interest by emailing us at info@aauwstatecollege.org.

Does AAUW offer any support for women who work in STEM research?

Yes. AAUW offers special research publication grants in engineering, medicine, and science, which range from $10,000 to $35,000.  More Information

Short-term research publication grants are also available.  More Information

Pay inequity:  AAUW’s priority issue

I’m looking for a job. How do I ensure that I can get paid what I am worth? How do I negotiate for a raise?

AAUW has created free online programs that will help you to negotiate for an equitable salary both upon graduation and when you are experienced in the workplace. 

Visit our Start Smart & Work Sart Program page.

My student loans are holding me back. Where can I learn more?

Read the AAUW Research Report, Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans.

I agree that women are underpaid. What is AAUW doing to solve this problem?

AAUW lobbying has played an important role in getting legislation passed, such as the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. Learn more in the article Q&A With Lilly Ledbetter.

AAUW is currently advocating for the passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act (2019).

AAUW Applauds Paycheck Fairness Act Introduction in Congress

Two-Minute Activist – Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act

Where can I learn more about pay equity issues?

Political activism

What is AAUW State College doing to change public policy?
What issues are important to AAUW and to AAUW State College?
How can I become more active politically?