Advancing Women in Leadership Positions

The glass barrier to leadership positions needs to be broken. Although women make up half of the labor force and most of the college graduates in the United States, they are under-represented in leadership positions in politics, academe, and corporations.  As this also is an international issue, we are committed to advancing equality for women across the globe. has found that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 21% more likely to outperform on profitability than those without diverse leadership.

Our Focus

AAUW State College leadership team – we value having a diverse leadership team with women from all backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities.

If we are to achieve equity in the workplace with men, we must target our efforts toward increasing the numbers of women in leadership positions. AAUW State College strives to support women’s advancement across all sectors in the Centre Region, from education and healthcare to government and business. Women need the opportunity to network with persuasive women leaders as well as gain exposure by participating in local forums and non-profit boards. Many AAUW State College members are community leaders who provide advice and support to other women in our community.

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Preparing Young Woman for Leadership

We value women in leadership positions and especially want to help a younger generation of women gain experiences to help prepare them for leadership opportunities. Annually, we award scholarships to college women students who are interested in leadership – to attend the National College Conference for Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL). It is a three-day leadership conference sponsored by AAUW, attended by several hundred women from all over the country.

At the NCCWSL conference, students leave with the skills and confidence to pursue their goals. The workshops, panels, speakers and activities provide endless opportunities to learn from experts, while peer networking allows attendees to learn from one another and make lifelong connections.

AAUW Resources

Start Smart & Work Start Programs

AAUW offers online programs to enable women to effectively negotiate for salaries and reflect their skills and education.  Both are available at no charge.