Workplace & Economic Equity

Women will never achieve equality until they achieve full parity with men in earnings. Currently women only make 82 cents per dollar compared to men. Women of color experience an even wider gap. The negative impact of this pay gap are severe and affect women, and their families, into retirement. We support the increased self-sufficiency of women and the creation of government policies that will have a positive impact on women and their families. Because women who are disadvantaged and members of under-represented groups are disproportionately affected by economic insecurity, equity for all means embracing diversity and inclusion. 

Women have been disproportionately affected by the instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about this topic, click here to read “America’s Recovery for the 2020 ‘Shecession'”, a report by the YWCA.

Our Focus

Paid Family Leave

AAUW believes that paid family leave could and should be available to every working person. Family leave is of special importance for women, who most often assume caretaking responsibilities. What happens if your child or parent is seriously ill, your spouse is deployed, or you adopt a child? The recent pandemic has placed more focus on essential workers, such as food service, health care, part-time employees, and others, who often do not have access to paid leave for any reason. Without paid leave, employees risk losing their income or their jobs if they must take time off from work. Having a paid leave program, however, could result in lower turnover and fewer employees coming to work sick and contagious.   Read More….

Pennsylvania Redistricting Reform

We endorse the work of Fair Districts PA and its affiliate, Fair-Districts Centre County, in advocating for non-partisan methods of redrawing legislative district lines. Our stance is that elections should represent the will of the electorate by providing voters with meaningful choices that are not manipulated by politicians.

The future number of elected representatives in Pennsylvania will be based on the on the 2020 U.S. census count, which could trigger the drawing of new districts before the next congressional and legislative elections.  Read More….

What We Are Doing

Recent and ongoing activities to promote workplace and economic equity include:

  • Planning a community-wide program on Paid/Family Leave in collaboration with local and state partners
  • Promoting an active voter-education agenda 
  • Sponsoring a program on gerrymandering led by a representative of Fair Districts 
  • Awarding Fair Districts our 2020 Gateway to Equity Award 
  • Holding a branch program on Differences Women Face on Their Financial Journey
  • Providing community grants for programs on financial literacy for underprivileged women
AAUW Resources

Start Smart & Work Start Programs

AAUW offers online programs to enable women to effectively negotiate for salaries and reflect their skills and education.  Both are available at no charge.