Member Engagment Opportunities


Selects branch members for recognition at the spring banquet. Awards include  Outstanding Woman, Member Making a Difference; Gateway to Equity Award, and CCCHS  Volunteer of the Year. Nominations are solicited in January and the committee reviews them  and makes selections by the end of February.

Time frame: February

Contact: Chriss Schultz,; Suzanne Kerlin,

Book Groups

¡ADELANTE! – diversity book club, meets online, Thursday 2:30 pm) every other month. 

Contact: Naana Nti, 

Read Between the Wines – Held early evenings, every few months, at homes of members. 

Contact: Carline Crevecoeur, or Susan Chyczewski,


Ensures consistent messaging to members and maintains visibility  through both internal and external audiences. Includes the monthly Branch Bulletin, e-blasts,  management of the website, social media, materials preparation, and media releases. 

Time frame: year-round 

Contact: Connie Schroeder, 

Diversity & Inclusion

Coordinates with the Program Committee to make sure diversity, equity, and inclusion goals are being met in programming and through our diversity book club  (details above). 

Time-frame: year-round 

Contact: Naana Nti,


Reviews Community Action Grant applications and helps select grant recipients. 

Time frame: April-May 

Contact: Sherry Crassweller, d


Maintains membership records, welcomes new members, and plans  membership-focused activities for the branch.  

Time frame: year-round 

Contact: Carline Crevecoeur, 

 Susan Chyczewski,


Plans and implements mission-based programs for September-May. Some  programs are held in coordination with other committees, such as the Awards & Scholarship  Committee, the Diversity Committee, and the Public Policy Committee. 

Contact: Betsy Manlove, 

Public Policy

Researches and shares critical information with branch members on issues  that advance equity for women and girls. Priorities include equal access in education,  reproductive rights, voter education, and women in leadership. 

Contact: Public Policy – Mary Dupuis, 

Dianne Gregg, 

Education/Fair Districts Sue Johnston,


Up to four branch scholarships are awarded each year, using funds generated  from the Used Book Sale. Nominations for scholarships are due March 1st, and the committee  reviews applications and makes their selections in April. 

Contact: Leslie Laing,  

 Maria Schmidt,


The STEM Committee is made up of branch members and community members  engaged in science (science, technology, engineering, math). Monthly virtual meetings are  held during the school year with community outreach partners. The group plans and staffs  several STEM activities for young girls all the way through to women graduate students – to  nurture their interest in STEM as a career.  

Contact: Carol-Beth Book, 

 Michele Crowl,

Used Book Sale

Used Book Sale volunteers help with set-up, greet shoppers, restock tables, and serve as cashiers. Help also is needed with publicity leading up to the sale. Shifts are usually three hours in length. The next sale will be held May 11-14, 2024.

Contact: Mary Ann Blair, 

 Donna Trapp,

Used Book Workshop

Volunteers gather weekly during workshop hours (June – April) at the Used Book Workshop, located at 2197 High Tech Road, SC. Tasks include sorting and pricing books. Shifts are flexible. The workshop is open September through mid-March on  Mondays, 6-8 pm and Tuesday/Wednesday, 9 am – 2:30 pm. It is closed mid-March to mid June and reopens for summer hours, Mondays 6 – 8 pm, Tue/Wed 9 am – 12 noon.

Contact: (Mondays) – Dina Liberatore, 

(Tuesdays/Wednesdays) – Sherry Crassweller,  Suzanne Kerlin,


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