Money is power, and women will never be equal to men until they achieve full parity in earnings and wealth. In recent decades, American women have made significant strides toward economic equality: They make up nearly half the U.S. workforce, and two-thirds of women are their family’s primary or co-breadwinner. Yet men continue to earn more money—and accumulate more wealth—than women do.

The median salary for women is just 82% of the median salary for men—a figure that has barely budged over the past generation. Median earnings for American women working full time are $45,097, while men are paid $55,291. Yet women make up close to 47% of the workforce, and as many as two-thirds are primary or co-breadwinners of their families.

This needs to change. And it’s not just women who will benefit: When women win, their families, communities and workplaces win. What’s more, breaking down barriers for women will open new opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender.